Architectural Committee Form


Architectural Control Board member:

Contact Beth Lukens at [email protected] 

The Villas of Tamarind Homes Association, Inc. and the Homeowners in Villas of Tamarind Subdivision, desire to continue the Community such that it possesses superior standards of aesthetics, improvements and quality of life.  

The Association and Homeowners desire to submit and subject the Community, together with all buildings, improvements and other permanent fixtures of whatever kind now or hereafter located thereon, and all easements, rights, appurtenances and privileges belonging or  in any way pertaining thereto, to the covenants, conditions, restrictions, liens, assessments, easements, privileges and rights contained herein, all for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of the community.

Prior to making any changes, replacements, or repairs, the home owner must complete the Villas Architectural Request Form for External Change


Form is attached at bottom of this page.  Two (2) copies of the completed form and supporting information should be submitted to  the Architectural Control Committee. The request shall be reviewed in a timely manner by the Villas of Tamarind Board. One (1) copy of the request form shall be returned to Applicant marked Approved, Not Approved or resubmit. If marked Resubmit, an explanation of the reason(s) shall be included.

Requirements and Application for Approval of Replacement of Roofing Materials can be found in the Roofs page on the Villas of Tamarind website. If you only plan to replace your roof, you do not need to complete the Architectural Request Form for External Change. 

Contact the Architectural Control Committee if you have any questions.

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