Trash/Recycle/Yard Waste


GFL Environmental

22820 S State Route 291
Harrisonville, Missouri 64701

For Villas trash questions contact Board member Ann Muehlebach at [email protected] or 269-3668.

Trash pickup is on Thursdays except during weeks with these holidays it will be on Friday.

4th of July
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year's Day


  • Set materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day. 
  • Be sure your cart lids close all the way. Over-filling carts invites trash to go flying on windy days.
  • Place carts within three feet of the curb, away from other objects and with wheels facing the residence.  
  • Residents can recycle the same mix of paper, cardboard, and containers (plastic, aluminum and steel) that they currently recycle. Lids can be left on plastic bottles. Residents can also recycle food and beverage cartons. Flatten boxes & rinse containers. Plastic bags, glass and Styrofoam are not accepted. Please make sure materials are loose, clean and dry. Do not bag your recyclables. 
  • You can place up to 10 bags or bundles of yard waste within three feet of the curb each week of the year. 
  • Construction materials will not be collected in regular waste. 

    Recycling Information:
    Acceptable Materials
    Unacceptable Materials
    Unacceptable Materials
    All glass plastic beverage holders
    Drink pouches
    Scrap metal
    Chipboard Egg cartons Tissue/toilet paper
    Cardboard(exclude heavy cardboard)
    Used paper plates, pizza boxes
    Heavy cardboard
    Aluminum cans, balled foil, pie tins Cereal or cake box liner bags Styrofoam
    Recyclable plastic labeled #1-7
    Plastic bottle lids
    Note: Cardboard items too large to fit into recycling containers must be flattened and placed adjacent to the recycling bin provided by GFL. Co-mingled recyclable materials should be placed loose, clean and dry in containers, and items must not be bagged.

       Yard Waste Information: 

  • Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, plants, small shrubs, and limbs less than 2 inches in diameter)  must be placed in paper bags not to exceed 40 pounds. Bundled materials must be no more than 4 feet  long or 18 inches in diameter. Residents may set out up to 10 total items (bags, bundles, barrels 32 gallons  or smaller) each week. 
  • Fencing, landscape timbers, flower pots, yard decoration, mulch, rock, dirt and similar items are not considered yard waste and will not be collected.

    Bulky Item Pickup Information: BE SURE PICK UP ITEMS ARE LABELED CLEARLY!

GFL will collect one residentially generated bulk item per residence on the third regular collection day of each month. Bulky items are defined as household items that can be reasonably carried by one or two individuals. Excluded items will not be collected. Residents are encouraged to contact GFL (816) 380-5595 at least 24 hours prior with your address and a description of the bulky item you plan to set out.  

  • Bulk items include couches, chairs, dressers, mattresses, treadmills, tables, desks, windows, doors, etc.  
  • Bulk items exclude electronics waste items such as televisions and computer monitors, hazardous wastes, tires, automotive parts, appliances, and construction materials.
  • Bulk Item Pickup
    GFL will collect one large item per month from all eligible Association households. Bulk items include such household items as that can be readily moved by two people, including mattresses, couches, box springs, chairs, dressers, desks, doors, windows and other household furniture excluding appliances. Bulk items will be collected on the first service day of each month. Please contact GFL Environmental at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled collection day to notify them that you will be placing a large item at the curb for pick-up.  816-380-5595.
    Remember, large appliances (dishwashers, washers, dryers or water heaters) are NOT included in the monthly bulk items. These items can be collected for an additional fee on a date of your choice. Call GFL Environmental 816-380-5595 for details.

Visit to see what is acceptable recycle, trash, yard waste and bulky items to place outside for pickup.

GFL requests that owners and renters leave their trash bins in the garage upon moving out of the Villas so new residents will have them available immediately.  Please be considerate and clean your bins well after final use. 

New residents:  It is possible that your trash service was put on hold while the property was vacant.  To resume trash service, call GFL.  They will update your property in their system and resume your trash pickup.

Hazardous Waste: Schedule an appointment to drop off unwanted household chemicals for free. The Johnson County Household Hazardous Waste facility recycles paint and properly disposes of lawn chemicals, cleaning supplies, automotive products and much more.  Johnson County Household Hazardous Waste facility is open year-round by appointment only and is free to Johnson County residents.

Hazardous Waste 
5901 Foxridge Dr.
Mission, KS 66203 (Just off Foxridge Drive & Lamar)