Sprinklers/Water Drainage

Starting in the spring, the rains will begin and continue throughout the summer and into fall. Each year, the Board receives reports from several residents that water is pooling in their yards and damaging their terrain, grass, shrubs & trees, or water is running toward their foundations from neighboring yards.  It will soon be time for all of us to consider the helpful suggestions below to safeguard our own yards and our neighbors' yards, as well.  If you want to do some of these things, but aren't able, please consider having your family, friends or neighbors help you. 
    1. Please use your sprinkler systems with care.  Many residents have their systems set on automatic, so they run on a regular schedule.  But be aware that when it rains and watering isn't necessary, excess water runs needlessly into the streets or into your neighbors' yards. It's easy to forget to turn sprinkler systems off when it's been raining, but you'll save money and your neighbors will appreciate it.
     2. Do a walk-around on your property. Observe any low lying areas which may be gathering water or forming new pools which are not drying out. Look to see if your downspouts are sending water directly toward your neighbors' properties.  You may need to reposition your current downspouts or add extensions to move water in different directions from your house 
     3. How are your gutters?  You can get a free estimate for a local company to clean them for you.  Clogged gutters & downspouts can cause expensive foundation & landscape issues.
     4. Pay close attention to down-spouting. Street-side downspouts should drain toward the street.  Inexpensive short extensions or elbows facing toward the driveway or farther away from the house & flower beds are a few dollars well spent. 
     5. Communicate with your neighbors. Share ideas and do a drainage audit of your properties together. Please be considerate of your nearby neighbors by not creating a problem for them. 
     6.  Check the settling of the ground around your house foundation. A few yards of fill dirt placed against the foundation can help prevent wet basements, which can become expensive. Several neighbors could go together and save money by having the same company bring in loads of dirt at one time.