Snow Removal Policy

                                                                                                                                                                                          Villas of Tamarind Snow Removal Service Provided by Aspen Lawn

If you have
any question, please contact Board member Jim Albertson at [email protected] or 816-808-4825.

Aspen will provide the following snow removal services beginning October 15, 2022 through the ending date of the agreement, December 31, 2023.

Specifications of Work
1. Snow removal services will begin at 2” snow accumulation.
2. Snow removal will start when needed, any time or day including holidays. This means we will
not have to wait on daylight in order to clear our community of snow.
3. Aspen’s Crew will use their feet to move the snow away from the outer edge of our driveways
to guide the snow removal equipment and to help protect the lawn and other property from
damage. Homeowners may install markers if you wish.
4. Aspen will hand shovel approximately three feet from the garage door to refrain from snow
removal equipment damaging the garage door.
5. Salting used for de-icing the streets will be Magnesium Chloride which is safer for streets.
6. Aspen shall maintain appropriate insurance coverage that includes comprehensive general
liability covering bodily injury and property damage, Worker’s Compensation and automobile
7. Services include clearing drives, walks to front door & mailbox pads. clearing Sidewalks along
Lowell, plowing & salting streets.
8. Cars must not be parked in the driveway or streets. Otherwise, Aspen will push snow
around the vehicle or decide to skip the driveway if risk of damage to the vehicle or snow
9. Please turn on your outside lights in case snow will be plowed from your driveway after sundown so snow crews can see better.

Equipment Used: Aspen will use a bobcat with a push plow to clear the driveways. The plow will have a plastic composite attached to the bottom of the push plow to protect the driveways from damage from any metal 

The time required to clear snow or ice from roads & driveways varies depending on the following conditions:

  • snowstorm intensity
  • snowstorm duration
  • temperature
  • time of day


We have some Villas residents with challenges who may not be able to take out their trash or get their mail during snowy times. They may need assistance with trips to doctors or grocery stores during snowfall. If you’re willing & able, please identify these residents who live close to you & offer your help. Let’s be great neighbors to one another!