Garage Doors/Parking Vehicles

Parking Vehicles
As per p.22, section 9.6, of our Restrictions & By-laws, please be reminded that vehicles are to be parked in garages and not in driveways or streets. Understandably, they may be parked in those places for a few hours, but only when necessary. If you have visitors coming with vehicles for more than ONE week, be sure to contact your block captains & make them aware IN ADVANCE.  They can share this information with the Board, and if they receive concerns or complaints from neighboring residents, they can let them know it's a temporary situation.

Garage Doors
As per p. 23, section 9.18, of our Restrictions & By-laws, garage door shall be kept closed at all times, except when entering or exiting the property.  If you're working in the yard or on your house for a brief time, we understand that garage doors may need to be open.