Lawn Care


ASPEN LAWN CARE – 829-6135
See Villas NO TRIM shrub list below.    

For lawn, landscape and shrub trimming questions/concerns, contact Board member Brian O'Hearne (913) 749-7738 or [email protected].   

Aspen is the lawn care company for the Villas. Some of the services provided by your HOA dues are lawn mowing, fertilizer & weed/pest control applications, and shrub trimming (optional). 

Front yard shrubs will be trimmed spring, summer & fall unless you contact Pam DePalma at [email protected] and asked to be placed on the "no trim" list. 

Mowing is scheduled for Tuesdays each week, but weather will dictate earlier or later mowing.

Please note that any changes made outdoors to your property, landscape, trees, etc., must meet Board approval before proceeding. 

Yard Waste Removal: Yard waste is collected every Thursday by our trash company, WCA.


Humbert 7805 W. 117th Terrace
Payne 7808 W. 117th Terrace
Schroeder 7816 W. 117th Terrace
Lukens 7821 W. 117th Terrace
Waanders 7874 W. 118th Place
Warner 7875 W. 118th Place
Lampe 7878 W. 118th Place
Cox 7883 W. 118th Place
Young 7900 W. 118th Place
Conrad 7926 W. 118th Place
Harrell 7927 W. 118th Place
Sires 7947 W. 118th Place
Palermo 7802 W. 118th Street
Pratt 7803 W. 118th Street
Stone 7806 W. 118th Street
Van Dyke 7810 W. 118th Street
Gill 7811 W. 118th Street
Vancrum 7814 W. 118th Street
Albertson 7823 W. 118th Street
Brennan 7826 W. 118th Street
Welch 7835 W. 118th Street
DiGiovanni 7842 W. 118th Street
Burchart 7901 W. 118th Street
Reichart 7916 W. 118th Street
Clark 7924 W. 118th Street
Cramer 7934 W. 118th Street
Grisafe 7940 W. 118th Street
Crooks 7856 W. 118th Terrace